Lee Daniels “Star”: Who is Ryan Destiny?


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Bishhh, Let’s Talk!

Soooo I’ve just finished watching the pilot episode of Lee Daniels “Star” and the first thing I questioned myself was, “who is that pretty black girl?” I know I wasn’t the only one asking myself this question. Soooo I proceeded to google the show and ahaaaa- Ryan Destiny. The girl is drop dead gorgeous. Don’t yall agree?  And it also seems that being in a girl group is not something new to her. Okay, if you haven’t watched the show yet here’s a bit of info about it:

Ryan (Alexandra Crane) stars (ha ha get it! Stars… nevermind) alongside leading actress Jude Demorest (Star) and Brittany O’Grady (Star’s sister Simone).  She plays this wealthy child of a musical genius who feels overshadowed by her father’s fame and desires to make it on her own without his big name. She meets Star, who has been in and out of foster homes since birth, on Instagram, and they suddenly connect. Alongside her sister Simone, they come together to create this girl group. We join them on their journey in the hopes to making it in Hotlanta.

Trust moi! It’s good already yall! Not to mention Quincy Brown…P. Diddy’s son…plays her love interest in the show. Oooh la la!

——–Back to Ryan——–

Ryan was also a member of the girl group Love Dollhouse in her early teens-She’s 22 now. The all girl group, signed to Russell Simmons’ All Def label, was also a trio and had a smash hit called “Can I” in 2014. The song could actually still be a banger.

According to Wikipedia, Destiny has been acting since 2010. She made an appearance on the web Series, a crime-drama based in Detroit. She later starred in the film A Girl Like Grace alongside our girl Raven Symone and Garcelle Beauvais which premiered in 2015.

You can check her out on instagram @ryandestiny. Feel free to comment, BishLetsTalk sent you there.

Ryan Destiny, You’ve just been highlighted!!!!

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