Diddy Crops Kardashian’s

See why below…

screenshot_20170508-190629.pngBishhh, Let’s Talk!


Did y’all see how Diddy cropped​ the Jenner girls out that picture from the Met Gala. Dude is straight savage. If y’all remember clearly a few years back he cropped out Kim from a star-studded seating of Kanye, Beyoncé, JayZ, Rihanna, Cassie, and himself at music award show.  But why he do that tho? What does he have against the Jenner-Kardashian crew? Well, we got the juice.

A few years back before there was a Kimye and Cassie was a third-in-line sidepiece, Diddy tried to holla at Kim. She denied him many times. She didn’t want to play second to Kim Porter, Diddy’s ex and baby momma.

What about the Jenner’s? Well, both denied Diddy’s sons to their requests as Prom dates. Bishhh!

Who y’all got in this Diddy v. Kardashian feud?

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